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  ACTHA wants to give all of their associations the chance to learn more about one another, so this month    we interviewed Tahoe Village Condominium Association in Wheeling! 

ACTHA: Give a brief description of your subdivision, location, size, type, method of governance, self-managed or Management Company?

Tahoe Village: We are Tahoe Village Condominium Association located ½ mile south of Dundee Rd. off of Buffalo Grove Rd. in Wheeling, IL.  We are a 435 unit townhome community that is self-managed by the Board of Directors.

ACTHA: Give a description of your Association Board; number of directors, master, sub-association.

Tahoe Village: The TVCA BOD is made up of 7 Directors including President, Vice President-Internal Affairs, Vice President-Exterior Modifications, Treasurer, Secretary, Sergeant-at-Arms and Director-Special Projects.

ACTHA: What does your Board do that makes your Association function smoothly? Name three factors.

Village Tahoe:

1)       The Board of Directors treats each homeowner with respect and we are comprehensively consistent with how we handle problems and resolve issues with all of them. 
2)       We meticulously select vendors and outside contractors and negotiate long term contracts to ensure quality service and advantageous pricing.
3)       We have a dedicated, professional and efficient Maintenance Staff, and an excellent Office Manager who makes sure all homeowner’s questions are answered to their satisfaction and all paperwork, correspondence and communication is timely and thorough.

ACTHA: What have you implemented at your Board Meetings that works well during Homeowner Sessions?

Tahoe Village: Our meetings are well organized and orderly.  If a homeowner has a question or subject they would like to discuss at a meeting, we ask them to fill out a form with their name and topic/question.  At one point during the meeting we have a “Homeowner’s Forum”, where each homeowner that completed a form can present their issue to the BOD for discussion.

ACTHA: What are your most recent accomplishments? Projects for example.

Tahoe Village: Our current capital project is a complete roof tear-off and new roof application for all 453 units in Tahoe.  This is being funded completely with reserves and there is no need for a special assessment or loan.  Tahoe Village is an ACTHA Certified Learn & Lead Association, whereby all Directors are Certified Association Community Leaders.  We are also a certified Wheeling Crime Free Multi-Housing community, as well as voted “Best Community” for National Night Out 2009, 2010 and for best theme in 2011-2016.

ACTHA: What are your challenges in your community you as a Board deal with?

Tahoe Village: Tahoe Village is a “melting-pot”, with a multi-racial, multi-ethnic and multi-cultural homeowner population from all over the world.  While diversity brings a healthy mixture of customs, music, ideas and practices, it can often times be challenging in an environment where we strive for continuity and consistency in both exterior appearance of our units and grounds, as well as the rules and regulations that govern unit owners’ behavior.  Our challenge is walking the thin line between being homeowner friendly, yet strict and stringent when it comes to exterior home modifications and adherence to association governing documents and rules.

ACTHA: What do you do for community “buy in”?

Village Tahoe: Tahoe has two major social events during the year which give the opportunity for homeowners to come out, mingle with their neighbors and get to know each other.  In early August we sponsor the TVCA National Night Out, which last year saw some 300 residents attend an evening of music, food, games and comradery.  During National Night Out, the Board stresses calling 911-Emergency for anyone who sees unknown strangers or witnesses anything unusual that could result in illegal activity in our community.  We offer raffle prizes, fun for the kids, a DJ, pizza, popcorn and ice cream!  Then, at the end of October, we have our annual Halloweenfest with prizes for best costume, music, games, pizza and candy for all.  We also utilize this opportunity to invite an officer from the Wheeling Police Department to talk to the kids about door to door trick or treat security and candy safety.                                                               These events are co-sponsored by our thankful and loyal vendors!

ACTHA: Name a funny incident that occurred to your Board during a Board Meeting.

Village Tahoe: A homeowner that was caught sleeping and snoring loudly during a meeting, had a “rude awakening” by the sound of the President’s gavel!

ACTHA: Tell us about the most rewarding part of your volunteer run.

Village Tahoe: Constantly working on behalf of each and every homeowner, to improve quality of life, value for our assessment dollar and overall pride of ownership in Tahoe Village.

ACTHA: What advice would you give new Board members?

Village Tahoe: Don’t take anything PERSONALLY!

ACTHA: Who are your most valuable resources? Attorney, Manager, Accountant, Management Company, Community officials, Police, Fire Depts.

Village Tahoe: Yes--all of the above (minus the Management Company)--as well as our vendors, in-house maintenance staff, board members, concerned residents….and of course…..ACTHA J

ACTHA: How do you foster harmonious Board relations?

Village Tahoe: Each Director is always allowed to speak their mind and we don’t judge each other--everyone’s opinion matters and is taken seriously.  In the end, after everything is hashed out--when we decide to take action…it’s as a Board--we present a united front.

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