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Other Education Opportunities and Articles

ACTHA's mission is education and information for those residing in community associations. In addition to the programs we offer, other entities also offer programs which are listed below. If you have an upcoming program you would like ACTHA to post, email

Fri., Feb. 26 and Sat., Feb. 27:  "CAI Conference and Trade Show," Rosemont. Visit ACTHA!  We will be at booth 417.
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"The ACTHA article you sent was really helpful--I read it twice and started to get it when the tax guy called me (from a previous message) and I was able to follow what he was saying easily, thanks to the article.

Thank you so much!"


Below are valuable articles particularly if you are a board member or owner. Simply click on the article you are interested in:


"Taking Minutes"

"Common Mistakes Boards Make"

"Developing Emergency Protocols"

"Common Questions: Tax Filing"

"Energy Audit Information"

"Welcoming New Owners"

"Annual Meetings and Elections"

"Adopting Rules and Regulations"

"Sample Rules Document"

"Police Safety Tips"

"An Association's Responsibility Addressing Bed Bugs"

"Satellite Dishes"

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