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OUR MISSION is to provide information and education to boards, owners and professionals involved with community associations, to help their organizations run more effectively and efficiently



Homeowners, board members, and commercial service providers for associations have an enormous responsibility.  ACTHA is committed to providing resources to assist and support. Through our recent newsletters and weekly webinars, we have addressed new concerns that have affected day-to-day operations in community associations due to the pandemic. As is the case with most everyone else, we have been forced to adapt to ever-changing modifications and restrictions along with mandates from the national, state, and local levels. Unfortunately, our Annual Education Conference and Trade Show had to be postponed.  We are working with the venue to determine how to best proceed as soon as the situation allows. We are eager to return to business as usual knowing that meetings, seminars, conferences, and other opportunities for in person networking will be altered forever. Our focus has become updating and expanding our website, webinar presentations and opportunities for in person interaction soon.   If you have questions, please either email or call 312-987-1906.       

ACTHA Membership Policies

The ACTHA Board made a decision a few months ago to include all association, commercial, and individual members, (current and lapsed), as well as contacts in our data base who may have attended an event sponsored by ACTHA in our emails, webinars and newsletters without additional charges.  We felt it was paramount to follow our mission in educating all who live in or work with community associations during this difficult time.  While our commitment to support and educate has not changed, we will be moving back to including only current members in accessing most website links, and receiving newsletters and emails.  Our website is currently under construction and will soon require membership and an individual password to access most links. We anticipate moving back to enforcing this policy in July.

 For association members, please be reminded that all homeowners in the association are full members of ACTHA with all membership benefits.  Registration with name, email and an individual password is required to be added to our database.  Log in is accomplished using your email as username and clicking on "forgot my password" in order to create one the first time once you are added to your association contact list.   Commercial members are entitled to two contacts per membership.  Email ACTHA if your contact list currently exceeds that number or you are unsure of who is currently listed.  Solutions will be agreed upon individually.  Most importantly, the actual primary contact information may not be up to date.  Associations must designate a homeowner as the primary contact.  Any additional association contacts must be homeowners in the member association.  All commercial providers affiliated with an association must be listed as commercial membership  contacts and may be listed with the association only if they are a homeowner member of that association.  We appreciate your assistance! 

NEW Commercial Members

ACTHA, the Association of Condominium, Townhouse and Home Owners Associations, focuses on community associations - condominiums, townhomes, HOAs and co-ops in Chicago, Cook, DuPage, Lake, Will, McHenry, Kankakee and other counties in Illinois. Read More...

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