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Illinois Condominium Property Act

Click here to view a copy of the most recent Act  Illinois Condominium Property Act

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Below is a table of contents for the various sections of the Act (note: highlighted sections are those most frequently used by owners):

1. Short title.
2. Definitions
3. Submission of property
4. Declaration - contents.
4.1 Constructions, interpretations and validity of Condominium Instruments
5. Plat to be recorded.
6. Recording - effect.
7. Descriptions in deeds, etc.
8. Partition of common elements prohibited.
9. Sharing of expenses - lien for nonpayment
9.1 Other liens
9.2 Other remedies.
9.3 Eminent domain proceedings - standing
9.4 Eminent domain proceedings - notice
10. Separation taxation
11. Tax deeds
12. Insurance
12.1 Insurance risk pooling trusts
13. Application of insurance proceeds to reconstruction
14. Disposition of property where insurance proceeds are insufficient for reconstruction
14.1 Disposition or removal of any portion of the property
14.2 Street and utilities dedication
14.3 Granting of easement for laying of cable television cable.
14.4 Granting of easement to a governmental body for protection against water damage or erosion.
14.5 Distressed condominium property
15. Sale of property.
16. Removal from provisions of this Act
17. Amendments to the declaration or bylaws
18. Contents of the bylaws
18.1 The owner or owners of the property, or the board of managers may cause to be incorporated a not for profit corporation under the General Not For Profit Corporation Act of the State of Illinois for the purpose of facilitating the administration and operation of the property.
18.2 Administration of the property prior to election of initial board of managers.
18.3 Unit Owners' Association
18.4 Power and Duties of Board of Managers.
18.5 Master Associations
18.6 Display of American flag or military flag
18.7 Standards for community association managers
19. Records of the Association; availability for examination
20. Exemption from rules of property
21. Severability.
22. Full disclosure before sale
22.1 In the event of any resale of a condominium unit by a unit owner other than the developer such owner shall obtain from the Board of Managers and shall make available for inspection to the prospective purchaser, upon demand, the following.
23. Encroachments
24. Deposits by Purchaser.
25. Add-on Condominiums.
26. Transfer of Limited Common Elements
27. If there is any unit owner other than the developer, the condominium instruments shall be amended only as follows

29. Alterations within Units.
30. No real estate may be submitted to the provisions of the Act as a conversion Condominium...
30.5 Conversion of apartments.
31. Subdivision or combination of units.
32. Alternate dispute resolution; mediation; arbitration.

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