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NOTE:  Each December/January issue carries an index of all subject matter covered in each newsletter (i.e. Tip of the Month, Question of the Month, Legislative Update and so forth).

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July/August 2017: "When Unpleasant Conflict Arises in Your Association" by John Cabral of Oak Park Mediation & Conflict Support

May/June 2017: "How to Access Important Community Association Documents" by Charles M. Keough of Keough & Moody, PC

April 2017: "Can we Adopt a Rule?" by Scott Rosenlund of Fullet Rosenlund Anderson PC

February 2017: "Who is Managing Your Association?"

December/January 2017: "New Year, New Laws" by David Hartwell, Penland & Hartwell

November 2016: "The Value of Teamwork" by Mark Swets, CAE, ACTHA

October 2016: "Best Practices for Adopting Rules and Regulations for Electronic Voting" by Kat Formeller, Tressler LLP

September 2016: "2016 Legislative Roundup" by Michael C. Kim, Michael C. Kim & Associates

July/August 2016: "Palm is a Four-Letter Word" by Martin Stone, HSR Property Services LLC

June 2016:  "The Ombudsperson: Any Closer to Reality?" by Douglas J. Sury, Keay and Costello, P. C. 

May 2016:  "Facade Ordinance: Meeting and Exceeding Requirements" by Klein and Hoffman 

April 2016:  "Use and Occupancy Restrictions: How Far Can Boards Go?" by Joseph W. Scharnak, Arnstein & Lehr LLP 

March 2016:  "Yes. Associations Do File Taxes"  by Steve Silberman of Marcum LLC

February 2016:  "Dedication of Private Streets" by Jim Slowikowski of Dickler Kahn Slowikowski and Zavell

December/January 2016:  "Contributing to the Security of Your Environment" by Steven Siegel of U. S. Security Associates


November 2015: "New FHA Closing Rules," by Damon Fisch of Keough and Moody

October 2015:  "Recently Signed Legislation," by Mike Kim of Michael C. Kim and Associates

September 2015:  "Can a Manager Bring Value to an Association," by Angela Falzone of ASF Enterprises

July/August 2015: "Smoking: Tobacco, Marijuana, E-Cigarettes", by Ryan Shpritz of Kovitz Shifin Nesbit

June 2015: "Reimbursing Board Members," Scott Rosenlund of Fullett Rosenlund Anderson, P.C.

May 2015: "Prescribed Fire Begins With Safety and Ends with Thriving Flowers," Jake Hagelow of Pizzo and Assoc.

April 2015: "Insurance Changes to the Illinois Condominium Property Act," Karyl Foray of Rosenthal Bros.

March 2015: "Implementing Electronic Voting and Notification," Ben Rooney of Keay and Costello

February 2015: "Technology: Choosing Management Software" Sarah Sutka of eUnify

December 2014 / January 2015: "Audit, Compilation and Review Compilation and Taxes," Brad Schneider of Condo CPA


November 2014: "Why Your Monthly Financial Package is so Important," Steven Silberman of Frost Ruttenberg and Rothblatt

October 2014: "The Roles of Officers and Directors" by James Slowikowski of Dickler Kahn Slowikwoski and Zavell

September 2014: "Legislative Update" by Michael C. Kim of Michael C. Kim and Associates

July/August 2014: "The EFG's for Association Boards: Ethical and Fair Governance" by Gabriela Comstock of Keough and Moody

June 2014: "S.B. 2664: Don't Let Owners by Taxed by Foreclosures" by David Hartwell of Penland and Hartwell

May 2014: "Choosing a Community Association Manager" by Martin Stone of HSR Property Services

April 2014: "Noise Disturbances" by Howard Dakoff and Jennifer O'Reilly of Levenfeld Pearlstein

March 2014: "Outdoor Living Design Elements" by Kathy Richardson of RYCO Landscaping

February 2014: Capital Planning Guide by Salvatore Sciacca of Chicago Property Services

December/January 2014: Workers' Compensation Impact on Associations by Karyl Foray of Rosenthal Bros.


November 2013: Illinois Firearm Concealed Carry Act and Its Effect on Associations by Kelly Elmore of Kovitz Shifrin Nesbit

October 2013: Qualifying for a Community Association Loan by Frank Coleman CMCA, RPA and Peter Santangelo CMCA

September 2013: Legislation Becomes Law by Micheal C. Kim of Micheal C. Kim and Associates.

July/August 2013: Untranquil Brook Association - What is Your Problem by Scott Rosenlund of Fullett Rosenlund Anderson, PC

June 2013: How Many Loan Sharks Does It Take to... by Brook Silvestri, CMCA of Association Capital Bank

May 2013: Maintenance of Common Elements by Maya Ziv-El of Keough & Moody, P.C.

April 2013: When Fido is More Than a Pet by David Hartwell of Penland & Hartwell

March 2013: Nuts and Bolts of Taking Minutes by David Buetow of Fuchs & Roselli

February 2013: 2013 Efficiency Requirements for Gas Furnaces By John Hershey of J. Hershey Architecture

Dec/Jan 2013: DISTRESS SIGNALS: Condominium Act Section 14.5 Could Force Drastic Change for Associations By James Arrigo of Tressler LLP

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