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You can now download recent ACTHA newsletters directly from this page. Click on the month to view the file as a PDF. These files require Adobe Acrobat Reader to view. if you do not have Reader, you can download the program for free from:


NOTE:  Each December/January issue carries an index of all subject matter covered in each newsletter (i.e. Tip of the Month, Question of the Month, Legislative Update and so forth).

July/August 2017: "When Unpleasant Conflict Arises in Your Association" by John Cabral of Oak Park Mediation & Conflict Support

May/June 2017: "How to Access Important Community Association Documents" by Charles M. Keough of Keough & Moody, PC

April 2017: "Can we Adopt a Rule?" by Scott Rosenlund of Fullet Rosenlund Anderson PC

February 2017: "Who is Managing Your Association?"

December/January 2017: "New Year, New Laws" by David Hartwell, Penland & Hartwell

November 2016: "The Value of Teamwork" by Mark Swets, CAE, ACTHA

October 2016: "Best Practices for Adopting Rules and Regulations for Electronic Voting" by Kat Formeller, Tressler LLP

September 2016: "2016 Legislative Roundup" by Michael C. Kim, Michael C. Kim & Associates

July/August 2016: "Palm is a Four-Letter Word" by Martin Stone, HSR Property Services LLC

June 2016:  "The Ombudsperson: Any Closer to Reality?" by Douglas J. Sury, Keay and Costello, P. C. 

May 2016:  "Facade Ordinance: Meeting and Exceeding Requirements" by Klein and Hoffman 

April 2016:  "Use and Occupancy Restrictions: How Far Can Boards Go?" by Joseph W. Scharnak, Arnstein & Lehr LLP 

March 2016:  "Yes. Associations Do File Taxes"  by Steve Silberman of Marcum LLC

February 2016:  "Dedication of Private Streets" by Jim Slowikowski of Dickler Kahn Slowikowski and Zavell

December/January 2016:  "Contributing to the Security of Your Environment" by Steven Siegel of U. S. Security Associates


November 2015: "New FHA Closing Rules," by Damon Fisch of Keough and Moody

October 2015:  "Recently Signed Legislation," by Mike Kim of Michael C. Kim and Associates

September 2015:  "Can a Manager Bring Value to an Association," by Angela Falzone of ASF Enterprises

July/August 2015: "Smoking: Tobacco, Marijuana, E-Cigarettes", by Ryan Shpritz of Kovitz Shifin Nesbit

June 2015: "Reimbursing Board Members," Scott Rosenlund of Fullett Rosenlund Anderson, P.C.

May 2015: "Prescribed Fire Begins With Safety and Ends with Thriving Flowers," Jake Hagelow of Pizzo and Assoc.

April 2015: "Insurance Changes to the Illinois Condominium Property Act," Karyl Foray of Rosenthal Bros.

March 2015: "Implementing Electronic Voting and Notification," Ben Rooney of Keay and Costello

February 2015: "Technology: Choosing Management Software" Sarah Sutka of eUnify

December 2014 / January 2015: "Audit, Compilation and Review Compilation and Taxes," Brad Schneider of Condo CPA


November 2014: "Why Your Monthly Financial Package is so Important," Steven Silberman of Frost Ruttenberg and Rothblatt

October 2014: "The Roles of Officers and Directors" by James Slowikowski of Dickler Kahn Slowikwoski and Zavell

September 2014: "Legislative Update" by Michael C. Kim of Michael C. Kim and Associates

July/August 2014: "The EFG's for Association Boards: Ethical and Fair Governance" by Gabriela Comstock of Keough and Moody

June 2014: "S.B. 2664: Don't Let Owners by Taxed by Foreclosures" by David Hartwell of Penland and Hartwell

May 2014: "Choosing a Community Association Manager" by Martin Stone of HSR Property Services

April 2014: "Noise Disturbances" by Howard Dakoff and Jennifer O'Reilly of Levenfeld Pearlstein

March 2014: "Outdoor Living Design Elements" by Kathy Richardson of RYCO Landscaping

February 2014: Capital Planning Guide by Salvatore Sciacca of Chicago Property Services

December/January 2014: Workers' Compensation Impact on Associations by Karyl Foray of Rosenthal Bros.


November 2013: Illinois Firearm Concealed Carry Act and Its Effect on Associations by Kelly Elmore of Kovitz Shifrin Nesbit

October 2013: Qualifying for a Community Association Loan by Frank Coleman CMCA, RPA and Peter Santangelo CMCA

September 2013: Legislation Becomes Law by Micheal C. Kim of Micheal C. Kim and Associates.

July/August 2013: Untranquil Brook Association - What is Your Problem by Scott Rosenlund of Fullett Rosenlund Anderson, PC

June 2013: How Many Loan Sharks Does It Take to... by Brook Silvestri, CMCA of Association Capital Bank

May 2013: Maintenance of Common Elements by Maya Ziv-El of Keough & Moody, P.C.

April 2013: When Fido is More Than a Pet by David Hartwell of Penland & Hartwell

March 2013: Nuts and Bolts of Taking Minutes by David Buetow of Fuchs & Roselli

February 2013: 2013 Efficiency Requirements for Gas Furnaces By John Hershey of J. Hershey Architecture

Dec/Jan 2013: DISTRESS SIGNALS: Condominium Act Section 14.5 Could Force Drastic Change for Associations By James Arrigo of Tressler LLP

Back copies of newsletters are $ 5 per issue which include postage and handling). Checks should be made payable to "ACTHA" and sent to 11 E. Adams, Ste. 1107, Chicago IL 60603. Please include information as to the issue requested.
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