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Community Association Manager Licensing Act

Click here to download a copy of the Community Association Manager Licensing Act.

Click here to download the rules implementing the Act. 

Click here to download the Manager Licensing Application.

Click here for a Q & A on commonly asked questions.

Need help finding something in the Act? Download a copy of the most recent Act (click above). Click on "Edit" at the top of the page and a box will pop up at the top of the page. Scroll to "Find on this Page" and a box will pop up where you may enter the topic you are looking for. It will immediately go to the first page of the Act where this word appears and take you to subsequent pages if applicable.

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Below is a table of contents for the various sections of the Act (note: highlighted sections are those most frequently used by owners):

 1 Short title

5 Legislative intent

10 Definitions

15 License required

20 Exemptions

25 Community Association Manager Licensing and Disciplinary Board

27 Immunity from Liability

30 Powers and duties of the Department

32 Social Security Number on license application

35 Functions and powers of the Board

40 Qualifications for licensure as a community association manager

45 Examinations

50 Community Association Management Agency

55 Fidelity insurance; segregation of accounts

60 Licenses; renewals; restoration; person in military service

65 Fees; Community Association Manager Licensing and Disciplinary Fund

70 Penalty for insufficient funds; payment

75 Endorsement

80 Roster

85 Grounds for discipline; refusal, revocation, or suspension

87 Suspension of license for failure to pay restitution

90 Violations; injunctions; cease and desist orders

92 Unlicensed practice; violation; civil penalty

95 Investigation; notice and hearing

100 Record of proceeding

105 Subpoenas; oaths; attendance of witnesses

110 Recommendations for disciplinary action

115 Rehearing

120 Appointment of a hearing officer

125 Order; certified copy

130 Restoration of suspended or revoked license

135 License surrender

140 Summary description

145 Judicial review

150 Certification of records

155 Violations; penalties

160 Illinois Administrative Procedure Act

165 Home rule

170 Enforcement

999 Effective Date

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