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ACTHA RECAP May 29, 2019

June 28, 2019 1:15 AM | Anonymous

May 29, 2019 Howard Dakoff and Jim Stoller : How to Deal with Difficult People?

On Thursday, May 29, 2019 hosted by the Building Group at 1221 North LaSalle St Chicago, Illinois forty attendees heard Howard Dakoff and Jim Stoller present the topic “How to Deal Difficult People?” These can be homeowners and board members alike in a community association .

The tips included:

  • Reaching out for assistance to your team professionals, such as your attorney.
  • Realize there are different personalities to deal with in a group living in close proximity.
  • Managing people takes skill in dealing with interpersonal relationships.
  • Keep all rules reasonable and sane.
  • Enforce all rules consistently.
  • Use parliamentary procedure in all Board Meetings.
  • Remember complainers are looking to blame everyone and everything.
  • See limits to managing time.
  • Do not let bullies take control of meetings.
  • Allow public comment in Comment or Homeowner Session only.

Board Members:

  • Set goals ; Four to five a year
  • Use knowledge to prove truth.
  • Use best practices at all times.
  • Learn and follow Condo Law.

In Disruptive Situations

  • Use peer pressure for the disruptors at Board Members.
  • Use team approach to work out all disagreements and challenges
  • Stay non emotional.
  • Stay objective and calm.

Question time took place after the presentation. All attendees left with tools to use in difficult

situations with difficult people. New strategies were offered enabling Association members to

proceed with Board business in an tension free atmosphere.

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