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HOA news roundup

August 30, 2019 4:37 PM | Anonymous

By: Deborah Goonan, Independent American Communities

HOA dispute turns violent (TX)

Pleasant Run Estates neighborhood, in Lancaster, Texas, was recently the scene of a gun fight between the HOA President’s wife and a homeowner fighting against an assessment lien on his home.

Last week, authorities arrested homeowner Kenneth Haggerty on charges of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. Belinda and her husband, Anthony Tucker, filed a police report after Haggerty blocked her car, then shot her in the heat of an argument.

Haggerty’s attorney says the dispute centers on the HOA’s collection of fees, to which it is not entitled.

According to two local reports, Anthony Tucker claims to be the President of the HOA at Pleasant Run Estates. And, in a cozy arrangement, his wife, Belinda, owns the company that manages the community association, Professional Property Management Services.

Conflict of interest? Haggerty and other unnamed homeowners certainly think so. Most of the residents fear the Tuckers, and don’t want to be named.

Can you blame them?

But wait, the story gets even more bizarre.

You see, Lancaster City Manager Rona Stringfellow informed NBCDFW that maintenance in Pleasant Run Estates is paid for by tax dollars, collected by a Public Improvement District (PID).

As far as the City is concerned, the PID was established in 2016, in order to replace the HOA as a “more effective way to pay for neighborhood maintenance.”

There’s absolutely no compelling need for Pleasant Run Estates to have an HOA. In fact, City Council didn’t know that an HOA was up and running.

Why, then, are the Tuckers collecting HOA fees from homeowners, and placing liens on private property when homeowners refuse to pay them?

In this context, Haggerty is accused of lashing out at Belinda Tucker, aiming to shoot her in the head.

Belinda survived the violent attack by blocking the bullet with her hand. As soon as he witnessed the shooting, Anthony Tucker ran out from his home, with his own firearm, shooting back at Haggerty.

This is a textbook example of negative social impacts of HOA governance schemes. HOAs often bring out the very worst human behavior, including inappropriate aggression and violence.

So far, no charges have been filed against Anthony Tucker, who was apparently acting in self-defense.

Haggerty has been released from jail after posting bail. He lives across the street from the Tuckers.

The environment remains very tense at Pleasant Run Estates.


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