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October 31, 2019 4:30 PM | Brian Palm

Dear Actha Members:

Fall is in full force as the leaves are turning and the temperatures continue to fall,

Association Board members are sending out budgets to their Unit owners and Community Association Managers are busy solidifying landscape and snow contracts.

The ACTHA Board members have been involved implementing new features for their members. We will be offering a full line of Fall Educational Seminars this fall in our North , South and Chicago Zones. The various topics will offer you the latest information on Legislation that concerns the Community Association scene. Insurance, a topic often overlooked and misunderstood, is another topic we will be featuring this month.

The ACTHA website continues to offer user friendly on line registration and payment features as well as access to our Online Directory.

Our Social Media presence is growing and we are posting on Facebook and as well as other social media outlets.

Our Newsletter is being revamped giving our commercial members opportunities to contribute articles featuring pertinent information to our Association members as well as contributions from top bloggers in the community association scene.

Our Commercial advertising packages are being revamped offering advertising opportunities at our Educational Seminars, Website advertising presence, Newsletter Ads, and of course our Drury Lane 2020 Event.

An important reminder to our Association and Commercial members , it is time for renewal of your Association and Commercial ACTHA Memberships. We will be sending out our renewal statements shortly, so please be on the look out for your upcoming invoices.

Along with your renewal, we would like to have your contact information updated such as current Board Members and any unit owners that you wish to contribute e mail addresses with proper consent. Please remember everyone in your Association benefits from an Association membership. All unit owners as well as Board members may be signed up to receive website access and newsletter send outs.

The Board of Directors would like to thank you in advance for your updated contact information and renewal of both Commercial and Association Memberships.

Success comes through communication and relationships. ACTHA is all about You!

All the best,

Diane F. Pagoulatos, ACTHA President 

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